Household of God

houseGod' desire is and has been to build a family. That is why Adam is called the son of God. When Adam failed his test, the Father sent His son Jesus into the world and gave him the mission to call sinners to become children in the house of the Father. Christ is the only way to Father God. Once we are part of His family, we become part of a household of God. He has many households on earth. We are one of the households that make up the Church of the Lord.


Leading people to God

up_arrowWe have been called into the kingdom of our God. Yet God does not only love those who already know Him. He loves everyone and therefore He has sent and commissioned us to be His partners with Him in reaching people without Christ for His kingdom. We believe in the value and uniqueness of every human being and therefore we do not relent to make our loving Savior Jesus Christ known to a hurting and dying world. He has a wonderful design and purpose for every human being as we are all made in the image of the Almighty God.

..and to maturity

check_markJesus tells Nicodemus, that he must be born again. Jesus illustrated the fact, that mankind is spiritually dead and our relationship to God is severed. But by the grace of God and our faith in His salvation God makes us children of God. But we all know, that being a child is only a short period in our lives, we all need to grow up. God's desire is to have mature sons in this world and creation is waiting for this sons of God to be made manifest. Therefore our mission is to bring children to mature son-ship in Christ.